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Experience a unique and adventurous outdoor activity by exploring fishing and kayaking in the San Marcos River! This beautiful river is full of life, from fish to turtles and other aquatic creatures, providing an excellent opportunity for those looking for a fun and exciting way to spend their time. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started with the sport, kayaking down the San Marcos River gives you a chance to relax and take in the stunning scenery as you catch some of the best fish around. A trip down the San Marcos River is sure to be an unforgettable experience. With its crystal clear waters and lush vegetation, the river is home to an abundance of wildlife and provides a fantastic opportunity for exploration.

For those looking to reel in a big one, the river is filled with species like largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, and catfish. And don’t forget to look out for other aquatic critters like turtles, frogs, and even alligators! So if you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your time outdoors, why not explore fishing and kayaking in the San Marcos River? Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, there’s something for everyone here. So come on down and experience the beauty of the river for yourself!Fishing and kayaking are two of the most popular activities for those looking to explore the San Marcos River. Fishing involves catching fish with a rod, reel, and bait, while kayaking involves paddling a small boat across the water.

Both activities offer a great way to experience nature and get some exercise.


is a centuries-old tradition and can be done in both saltwater and freshwater. In freshwater fishing, anglers typically use lures, baits, and other artificial lures to catch fish. Common freshwater fish species in the San Marcos River include largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish, and crappie.

Kayaking is a great way to explore the river and its surrounding areas. It's also a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors. Kayakers typically use sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks, depending on their preference. There are many different types of kayaks available, including inflatable, touring, whitewater, recreational, and touring kayaks.

The best times of year to go fishing or kayaking in the San Marcos River depend on the type of fish you’re targeting and the type of kayak you’re using. Generally speaking, spring and fall are the best times of year for fishing in the river, as water temperatures are ideal for attracting fish. For kayaking, summer is usually the best time of year as water levels tend to be higher and the weather is warmer.

Where to find the best spots

for fishing or kayaking in the San Marcos River depends on your preference.

The river is lined with many creeks, sloughs, and backwaters that offer excellent opportunities for both activities. It’s also a great place to explore during a float trip.

What equipment you need

for fishing or kayaking in the San Marcos River depends on your skill level and what type of fishing or kayaking you plan on doing. For fishing, you’ll need a rod, reel, line, bait, lures, and other tackle.

For kayaking, you’ll need a kayak, paddle, life vest (PFD), and other safety equipment.

Any safety tips

for fishing or kayaking in the San Marcos River include always wearing a life vest (PFD), informing someone of your whereabouts before heading out on the water, avoiding alcohol or drugs while on the water, and being aware of your surroundings at all times.

Example fishing and kayaking trips

in the San Marcos River can range from short day trips to multi-day float trips. For day trips, it’s best to launch from one of the many public access points along the river and explore the area within easy paddling distance from your launch point.

For multi-day trips, it’s best to make reservations for campsites along the river ahead of time as campsites can fill up quickly during peak times.

Local regulations

that should be taken into account when planning a fishing or kayaking trip in the San Marcos River include seasonal closures for certain areas of the river, as well as certain types of gear that may not be allowed in certain areas (such as no live bait in certain areas). Additionally, there may be restrictions on where you can launch your boat or camp overnight along the river.

Fishing in the San Marcos River

The San Marcos River is a great place for fishing, offering a variety of species and plenty of opportunities for catching them. The river is home to largemouth bass, catfish, carp, sunfish, and various types of panfish.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert angler, you can find success in the San Marcos River. The best time of year to go fishing in the San Marcos River is in the spring or fall. During this time, the water temperature is just right for the fish to become active and start feeding. The warmer months are a great time to catch catfish and carp, while bass and panfish tend to be more active in the cooler months. When it comes to finding the best spots for fishing in the San Marcos River, look for areas with plenty of cover and structure. Logs, rocks, and vegetation are all great places to cast your line.

Also, pay attention to water depth and flow as these can affect where fish are located. Areas with slower water flow are often better for fishing. To get started fishing in the San Marcos River, you’ll need basic fishing equipment like a rod and reel, hooks, lures, line, weights, and a net. Depending on what kind of fish you’re targeting, you may also need specialized gear like a fly rod or a baitcasting reel. Make sure to have the proper licenses and permits before fishing. Lastly, it’s important to stay safe while fishing in the San Marcos River.

Always wear a life jacket when out on the water and take necessary precautions to avoid slipping or falling in. Be aware of your surroundings and check local advisories before heading out.

Float Trip Tips & Ideas

When to GoThe San Marcos River is a great place to go kayaking and fishing year-round. The best time to visit is typically during the spring and summer months when the weather is warm and the river is flowing. However, winter months can also offer some great opportunities for anglers and kayakers as the river is often less crowded.

Where to Launch

The San Marcos River provides plenty of access points for launching kayaks or boats.

Popular launch points include the San Marcos River Retreat, Palmetto State Park, and the Texas State University River Access Point. Be sure to check with local regulations for any restrictions.

What to Bring

When heading out on a float trip in the San Marcos River, there are a few things you should bring. Make sure to bring a life jacket, fishing poles and tackle, and any other safety equipment you may need. You’ll also want to bring plenty of food and water as well as sun protection.

If you plan on fishing, make sure to bring a valid fishing license.

Local Regulations & Considerations

It’s important to be aware of local regulations when fishing or kayaking in the San Marcos River. Be sure to check with local authorities for any restrictions or rules that need to be followed. Other considerations include being aware of any potential hazards such as rapids or low water levels, as well as potential wildlife or vegetation that could pose a threat.

Example Float Trips

There are plenty of great float trips available in the San Marcos River. One popular trip is from Palmetto State Park to Luling, which takes approximately three hours.

This trip offers a variety of scenery and wildlife as well as ample opportunities for fishing. Another great trip is from the San Marcos River Retreat to Martindale, which takes about four hours and offers some great views of the river. Be sure to check local regulations for any restrictions before heading out on your trip.

Kayaking in the San Marcos River

Kayaking is a great way to explore the San Marcos River and its surroundings. The river offers a variety of activities, from fishing to whitewater kayaking.

With the right equipment and a bit of knowledge, you can safely navigate the river and have an enjoyable time on the water. When it comes to kayaks, there are several options available. For a more leisurely experience, you can rent a sit-on-top or recreational kayak. These are suitable for paddling in calm waters, such as those found near the shoreline. Alternatively, if you want to explore areas of rapids, you may want to consider a whitewater or sea kayak. Kayaking techniques vary depending on the type of kayak used.

For recreational or sit-on-top kayaks, a forward stroke is most often used. For whitewater and sea kayaks, an aggressive paddling technique is necessary to navigate the rapids and swells. It is important to understand and practice the proper techniques before heading out on the water. The best time to go kayaking in the San Marcos River is during the spring and fall months when the water is at its warmest. During these months, there will also be fewer crowds and better weather conditions for paddling.

The river is full of wildlife year-round, so it’s a great spot for wildlife spotting. When looking for the best spots to kayak, there are several areas along the San Marcos River that offer great views and plenty of room to explore. Popular spots include the Devil’s Backbone, Purgatory Creek, and Spring Lake. To ensure a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience, it is important to have the right equipment. All kayakers should wear a life jacket at all times and bring along a whistle in case of emergency.

Additionally, you should have basic navigation tools such as a map or GPS device, as well as a first aid kit. Kayaking can be an incredibly enjoyable experience with proper preparation and safety precautions. Whether you’re exploring the rapids of the San Marcos River or taking in the views along the shoreline, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. Fishing and kayaking in the San Marcos River offer an enjoyable experience for outdoor adventurers. The river provides a plethora of activities, from fishing to kayaking, and is the perfect spot for a float trip. Anglers can cast their line for largemouth bass, sunfish, and catfish, while kayakers can explore the different sections of the river.

When planning a float trip on the San Marcos River, it's important to consider the size of the boat, number of people in the party, and any necessary safety equipment. To get the most out of a float trip on the San Marcos River, come prepared with all the necessary supplies and be sure to take advantage of all the activities the river has to offer. Fishing and kayaking in this beautiful river should not be missed! For those looking to explore float trips in the area, there are plenty of options available – book your trip today!.

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